Never remove your teeth again with Teeth in One Day.


Tooth loss, gum disease, and bone disease affect millions of people worldwide, on every continent, in every age group. Globally, several hundred million people are thought to be missing one or more teeth. More than 40 million people are estimated to be fully edentulous in the United States alone. Completely edentulous jaws (no teeth) are a much more widespread handicap than most of us realize. Major barriers for solving the problem are the perceived complexity, stagnant technology and high cost of treatment. With innovative new solutions, this no longer needs to be the case. There is a solution; a cost-effective, proven solution. The All- on-4TM solution!

All on 4 | Teeth in a Day


It is the occlusion, functional jaw movement and the force load vectors functioning like natural teeth, that should determine a treatment plan on implant restorations for the long term success. Dr. Vargas uses the most advanced technology to provide you with a beautiful, functional, long-lasting smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth-In-A-Day

Who are the best candidates?

The ideal candidates for Teeth-in-1-Day (All-on-4 or All-on-6 Dental Implants) are those who are about to lose all of their teeth or those who are current denture wearers.

I’ve been told I’m not a candidate for a permanent fixed bridge or implant due to bone loss. Am I a candidate for dental implants with the All-on-4 procedure?

90% of patients that have been told they are not candidates for traditional dental implant option are candidates for this procedure. This procedure uses the frontal area of the jaw and in most cases requires no bone grafting or sinus augmentation.

What makes this procedure different?

Considering the fact that the frontal part of the jaw has the more dense bone, instead of the conventional method of placing the implant straight into the bone (which can require sinus lift and bone grafting) and minimum 6 to 9 months waiting time and healing time, this technique differentiates by placing the back implants at an angle. Not only do you benefit from the dense bone in the frontal part of the jaw, but we can place a longer implant, with a much less invasive procedure, without entering into the sinus cavity on the upper arch.

How long is the procedure?

The surgery takes a couple of hours per arch under sedation/Sleep Dentistry and you will get a temporary fixed bridge set of teeth in just one day!

Is there going to be pain?

Since the surgery is much less invasive, is performed under sedation, and the patient is given anti-inflammatory medication prior to surgery, there is little discomfort and swelling.

What about healing time?

No healing time or bone integration is required to secure the fixed bridge onto the implant due to the fact that the implants are anchored into the bone. The usual 6-9 month bone integration is not required in most cases because we gain solid primary stability at the initial placement of these specialized implants.

All of my remaining teeth need to be extracted, how can the bridge be put on right after the surgery? Isn’t time needed for healing? Aren’t the gums too sore to handle the load of the fixed bridge and could I get dry sockets?

the fixed bridge and could I get dry sockets?
This is the least invasive procedure which can be done under sedation if desired. After extraction and implant placement, the bridge will be sitting on implants only and NOT on the soft tissue. The gum will be completely closed up after surgery, therefore, there is no socket exposed and no dry socket. Patients are placed on anti- inflammatory medication prior to surgery; therefore there is no pain or swelling. 9 out of 10 patients do not even take any pain medication after this procedure.

How do I get started?

The first step in this life-changing procedure is to schedule your consultation with our team. Your initial consultation will include a 2D PANOREX and comprehensive full mouth diagnostic photographs. We charge a nominal fee of $299 for your personalized consultation (the fee will go towards treatment).


Whether you lost a tooth two weeks ago or twenty years ago, it is never too late to replace your tooth. Just by visiting our website, you are taking the first step towards achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. You might be looking into the option of having implants to replace your tooth/teeth, which is a great option for the right individual because:

  • Implants have an exemplary success rate with respect to long-term results. With careful treatment planning and case analysis, implants are capable of providing you with the most optimal results.
  • Unlike bridges, your neighboring teeth do not have to be ground down to accommodate crowns. Because implants act as an “anchor” and are capable of mimicking the force of a tooth’s root, you do not have to worry about losing any more bone in your jaw (as compared to removable partial dentures and bridges).
  • For denture wearers, implants provide you with the ability to speak and eat with your denture more comfortably and confidently.

And the list goes on of the benefits of having your tooth replaced with an implant. An implant is a titanium cylinder that your dentist would insert into the area that is missing a tooth. Depending on your case, your dentist may choose to put the final restoration on the implant immediately or allow a period of healing to occur prior to placing your final restoration. After the implant is placed and restored, you would use and care for the implant like any other tooth because it functions just like a tooth!


From the beginning, Dr. Vargas will gather all your information and data to begin constructing your treatment plan. We work to the highest of standards, never settling for less. Beyond the traditional x-rays, models, and photographs we request that each patient receives a Cone Beam CT (CBCT).

The CBCT (which has a radiation dose equivalent to a regular series of x-rays) allows our team to accurately measure important anatomical landmarks such as your sinuses, important nerves, and areas with bone defects that normally are not obvious in regular x-rays. We study your CBCT images intimately, thoroughly mapping out all the areas of concern in order to ensure each implant is placed in the most optimal position.

Additionally, we fabricate a “surgical guide” which serves as a safety measure when Dr. Vargas places your implant. This surgical guide helps guide the implant into a predetermined location, angulations, and depth, allowing Dr. Vargas to place the implant in the safest, most optimal position.


Replacing your tooth/teeth with implant(s) involves several components including the healing cap, temporary crown, and final crown (or denture). Rather than relying on the current products on the market to produce your results, we use “bioengineered” components.

“Bioengineered” components significantly outperform traditional “customized” components because each product is constructed based entirely upon your unique need.

For instance, when creating a final crown, we carefully take into consideration your unique jaw position, the amount of force you use to chew, your neighboring teeth angulations and location, your gum tissues, and many other individual factors. Then, our team (with the assistance of computers) takes all of these variables and fabricates a crown which specifically fulfills your requirements for aesthetics, function (i.e. eating and speaking), and durability.

In essence, our goal is to reproduce what you lost, which means constructing components that are specifically made with your needs in mind. Since no two patients are alike, our ability to produce “bioengineered” components gives you the advantage by achieving better results.


We understand your time is valuable, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure that every appointment is maximized. Our highly-experienced team will foresee and avoid any potential problems or delays, thus significantly reduce the number of visits to our dental office. More importantly, our cutting-edge technology allows us to precisely place your implant, allowing your tissues to heal better and sooner.

Because each component is “bioengineered” with your needs in mind, you receive your final restoration much sooner, with fewer adjustments and try-in appointments.

Finally, the system we use streamlines the process of implant planning, placement, and restoration, cutting out 50% of the steps! This means you will spend less time in the dental chair and more time enjoying your smile.

With over a decade of experience in implant dentistry, we will not only restore your missing tooth/teeth with implant(s), but will do so safely, precisely, aesthetically, and reliably. Our dedication to providing patients with the most technologically advanced care has led us to use a system that provides you the most optimal results. We are excited to share this system with you and look forward to treating you!